Namibian trip feedback

Notes of feedback received verbally from Wilhelm this morning about the Namibian trip from which he returned on Saturday.

It was a God-appointed training time with the church in Walvis Bay. They are a kingdom focussed church, good people. Three guys who got saved in the church, and have been discipled there, are returning to their homeland in Divundu to take the gospel to their family and community. They are now equipped with Farming God’s Way training.  The the Walvis Bay church is supporting them by doing the training with them.  They left yesterday (Monday the 19th) with a team from the church for Divundu.

Please pray for Johannes & Paulus (the guys returning to Divundu), also pray for the church that they would continue their good work.  Pray that this week of training and witnessing would be blessed.

Wilhelm then left for Okanghwati to do training among the Herero people. He stayed with Philip and Uatja (pronounced “watcha”). Wonderful godly, prayerful people. The training went very well, and a few younger men took the lead learning quickly and helping the others — we always pray for “Joshuas” who can be trained to train. There are many difficulties in the community, the nearest drinking water is 17km away! Philip is also often away as he does tour driving to make a living.

Please pray for Uatja and Philip, pray for their accommodation as they have been given notice by their landlord yesterday that they need to move out in November. Pray for the kids ministry, and for God to provide for their vision for a community centre. Pray for the FGW training to bear fruit — we want God to heal the Herero’s land in response to their turning to him in repentance and in faithfulness to his commands to steward the land.

Wilhelm then left Okanghwati and drove home without brakes (the brakes failed ~100km before getting Okanghwati), using only the gears he made it home safe and sound.  Praise God for his favour!

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At Okanghwati

Safely in Okanghwati,about 50km from Angola. Met with the local chief late afternoon and start with training 09h00 tomorrow. Thank you Lord for travelling mercies even when the brakes failed at 120kmh on gravel road…and thankyou to all that regularly pray for and with me.

— Wilhelm update via Mobile

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On the way to Okanghwati

Brandstof in Uis, Namibiaen dan oppad na Okanghwati in die noorde…lieflike dag en n voorreg om hierdie besonderse deel van die skepping te sien.

— Wilhelm update via Mobile

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Farming God’s Way Intervention in South Sudan – Yei River County

[Ed: 2013 update as written by Mr Hakim Erezenios below, or see attached original document]

Dear colleagues, I am sharing with you the historic events in the ignition stage (starting point) of Farming God’s Way in South Sudan, Yei in particular. It’s truly unknown intervention to majority of the farming communities in Southern Sudan in the face of its numerous benefits.

Farming God’s Way is beyond doubt a tool that is sufficient to loosen and break the [Yolk] of poverty that has been burdening mankind in developing countries (South Sudan) for centuries. However, FGW commands faith from those practicing including the facilitators.

Friends, here are some benefits that I discovered when practicing FGW on my demonstration plot:

  1. There is early maturity of crop, especially maize. This crucial benefit results in reduction of lean period (hunger gap) that normally is at peak in June. The context in Southern Sudan is that first harvest is realized in July whereas the last harvest happens in December. Therefore, the farmer has seven months before receiving more food from his garden. But the yields normally take the households between 4 to 5 months. This means the household is food insecure for one full month. FGW helps farmers to have harvest in May – June, which helps in bridging the hunger gap.
  2. Dramatic pollination and full development of seeds in the cob. As maize plants grow faster and vigorous, they tend to flower in the right time when natural vegetation has nearly finished flowering. By this time most insects including bees are starving of food in terms of pollen grains and nectar. Therefore, most insects are attracted to visit the flowering maize crops and in the process, pollination becomes eminent.

Friends in Christ Jesus, let us help the poor to live happily on the planet earth by teaching them faithfully in the journey of deliverance from the [Yolk] of poverty. Remember not to forget emphasis on adding back life to the soil.

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Farming God’s Way Success Story in South Sudan – Yei River County

[Ed: as written by Mr Erezenios, or see attached original document]

This is a true story from the writer Mr. Hakim Erezenios. K. I live in a village called hai City in Yei River County, Central Equatoria State – South Sudan.

I am privileged to share my experiences and results of the work with you friends working in the sector of Agriculture domain. It is more of pictures captured during various phases of events. To me, Farming Gods’ Way is a definite solution that has been hidden from mankind for centauries as we struggle to address the recurring crop failure within farming households.

Dear comrades, as pictures speak thousand wards, I do hope that you are most likely to pick the real impression of Farming Gods’ way in Yei- South Sudan as you look through these pictures.

If we use the result of this demonstration plot to compute results in terms of feddan/hectare, we will have the following results:
1. Results based on a feddan

    Area of one feddan = 70m x 60m = 4200m2
    Size of the demonstration plot = 6m x 6m = 36m2
    :. 4200m/36m = 116.7plot/feddan
    But yield per a demonstration plot = 26.5kg
    :. 26.5kg X 116.7 (number of plots in a feddan) = 3092.55kg/feddan
    Number of 50kg bags per feddan = 3092.55/50kg = 61.85bags/feddan

2. Results based on hectare

    Area of a hectare = 100m x 100m = 10,000m2
    Area of demonstration plot = 6m x 6m = 36m2
    Number of plots in one hectare = Area of a hectare/Area of a demonstration plot = 10,000m2 /36m2 = 277.8plots
    Yield per plot = 26.5kg
    Therefore, yield per hectare = 26.5kg x 277.8plots = 7361.7kg/ha
    Number of 50kg bags per hectare = 7361.7kg/50kg = 147.2bgs/ha

Dear friends, I tell you that the universal remote control for breaking the York [ed: yolk] of poverty amongst the rural communities is called “FARMING GODS’ WAY”. The truth is that the beginning seems to be hard and that holds truth with all forms of work in the planet. I can see that through faith and commitment, we can turn the world around so as to realize our dream.
The only problem with our remote control is lack of “battery”, “this is a joke”, what I really mean is lack of knowledge by the farmers about this universal remote control.

I urge all who may real this reality in life to mobilize all the necessary resources to make sure that knowledge about this universal remote control is made accessible to all farmers. Let us Farming Gods’ Way along side our millions of dollars used in the agriculture domain that seem fruitless over centuries. By doing so I know God will bless us and our work too, to yield abundantly.

The benefits of Farming gods’ Way is not limited to yield increase alone but also soil macro and micro biology improvement, reduce expense in terms of fertilizer application and reduced soil erosion among others.
My recommendation is that all who have heard about Farming Gods’ Way must use all forms of efforts within a reach to expand the extension of Farming Gods’ Way around the world.

Below are some pictures that you will use to justify the claimed success:

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Southern Sudan Trip

Hallo almal,

Ek sit tans op OR Tambo lughawe, vanwaar ek vanmiddag vertrek na Uganda en dan more oggend(Dinsdag) na Sudan vlieg. Vanaf Woensdag begin ek dan met drie twee dag Farming God’s Way opleiding sessies in en om n dorpie genaamd Yei. Woensdag en Donderdag (15 en 16de feb) werk ek met n groep sowat 40km buite Yei, waar hul kerkie laas week afgebrand is, hulle het nietemin gevra dat ek asseblief moet kom.

Vandaar doen ek Vrydag en Saterdag opleiding by n bybelskool in n plek met die naam Goli, sowat 50 km oos van Yei. Sondag sal ek waarskynlik die Woord tydens n erediens bring.

Maandag en Dinsdag doen ek weer opleiding sowat 20 km vanaf Yei.

Woensdag die 22ste vergader ek met n klompie leiers om saam te bid en te besin oor die pad vorentoe en hoedat ons as broersen susters in daardie geteisterde land kan dien vorentoe.

Bid asb vir ons, daar is so baie goed maar bid maar soos wat die Here u bewus maak van dinge.

Ek kan per sms bereik word(hoop ek!) by my nommer hieronder anders is jul welkom om vir Pauli te sms.

Sou die Here vir u skrif of woord gee.

Liefdegroete in Christus,

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Cape Town Training

A Farming God’s Way training will be done on this coming weekend, commensing Friday evening the 3rd at 18h30 untill 22h00 for the latest and then on Saturday the 4th, starting at 08h30 until latest 17h00. Coffe and tea will be served and a light snack the evenng and lunch Saturday.

If you want to attend or maybe know of someone who would want to, please feel free, please just confirm with me latest Thursday morning the 2nd.

The venue below:
Goedemoed baptist Church
Goedemoed street
Goedemoed, Durbanville
On Langeberg road from either direction (Kraaifontein or Durbanville) turn at the “7-11” robots into Goedemoed road and follow the road (+/-1 km) until you see the Church on your right hand side.

Greetings in Christ,
Wilhelm Els
Tel: +27(0)83 258 7878

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Field visits in Machinga, Malawi

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