Reportback on Naroosura, Kenya outreach by Rob and Cindy Hallen

Over the last 5 years, we have been praying and attempting to minister to the needs of a small village in Kosika just outside of Naroosura, Kenya. This is a small village basically at road ends. We met primarily one family via a short term mission trip our daughter took during her undergrad work at Seattle Pacific University in Washington, USA. Becky , our daughter, met the Silantoi family. They contacted us and stayed in touch via email and cell phones.

During the drought of 2005, in a phone call, we found that food needs were critical and lives were at risk. Being in the States, we verified the situation on the internet. We contacted Unicef, World Vision , and the Red Cross but there was no aid scheduled for this remote area. In the past, Kosika had been fairly stable for food security. The situation was not ideal, to give funds to an individual, but without more information we felt led to act and send funds for food. We monitored expenses through receipts and reports on the internet. We believe that it is better to error on the side of love and give rather than do nothing. The risk of famine passed. From the time we intervened there was no more deaths reported.

Some dependency developed that we are now attempting to correct with the Word. Farming God’s Way Program has helped to correct this as well. Again, in 2009, we heard another drought had produced a food shortage. My wife and I prayed and felt let to come to Kenya to get more 1st hand information to better minister God’s love and His Word to these problems. We studied and prayed and the Lord led us to Wilhelm Els, with Farming God’s Way.

We Found Wilhelm to be a faithful brother in the Lord, with a strong conviction to minister to the poor in Africa. What a blessing, we bonded with him immediately. We knew that the Spirit through other missionary efforts had brought the gospel but what happened to discipleship and putting God’s Word to their feet in real life. We downloaded the Farming God’s Way manual and were convinced this was the tool to bring to this village.

Wilhelm is an encouraging example in word and deed for the Lord. He displays a sincere love of the people and an understanding of African culture. He has strong convictions from the Word and is able to effectively communicate it to the people. He was perfectly comfortable engaging the gospel with the non believers at the seminar. As a result, Samwell (Samuel) accepted the Lord and many others have followed. After Wilhelm returned home, the Spirit has continued to lead people to Christ. Many other events by the Holy Spirit have taken place.

One week after Samwell’s baptism, he was in the town square testifying over a loud speaker, how the Lord had changed his life. How wonderful and amazing. The reality of how God’s Word speaks to our lives in useful down to earth ways, opened the door for the Lord to work and change hearts. Farming God’s Way was demonstrated well but Wilhelm had already anticipated where they would make mistakes. The errors were corrected until the farmers understood how to do it. Wilhelm was a key person in the ministry team. He brought the gifts that God had given him faithfully to the people and we were all blessed. We continue that the Lord will use him in a mighty way for the Lord’s Kingdom.

Farming God’s Way is a wonderful tool to bring God’s Word to life and elevate God’s provision for His people.

    In the Lords Service:
    Rob and Cindy Hallen
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