Just a note to say Abundant Life Seed is developing a web presence.  We have registered ourselves as a cause at GivenGain in order to accept donations and keep contact with fellow owners of this vision.

More coming soon. And please note while we are catching up with events/happenings things are posted chronologically based on the time they happened, so even if it is written up today but refers to something months ago, it will be posted with the older date of when it took place… So you might miss some stuff if you just check the front page, but all in all it makes more sense this way!

Abundant Life Seed Logo

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  1. benard malle says:

    thanks to farming god way team in paticular w. Elis for introducing this farming in machinga malawi. This year god has removed my reproch. Since we started farming in this way we have been a laughing stock in the area. But this yr things have turned my garden has been a show field in the area agriculture.field days were conducted on this field.

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