Machinga field visits

After a detour to Zomba mountain, we arrived at Machinga and found William Malle’s house where we were to stay. Their generous hospitality humbled us. These people know how to give!

The following day we went around to several “gardens” (aka farms) on field visits with William and his father Benard Malle. Some of it was very encouraging, but several showed a half-hearted implementation of Farming God’s Way, and disappointingly in William Malle’s garden he planted the bulk of it with seed kept from the previous years harvest, but that seed was a genetically modified hybrid which can’t bear seed, so the mielies were deformed and all his hard labour wasted. 🙁 Well not totally wasted of course, it still helped restore the soil.

Afterwards Judah and I went with Benard and William on a “jolly walk” up the hill to get a good view of Machinga.

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