Visiting Pieter Loots in Mangochi

We were only one day in Mangochi, we stayed with Pieter Loots — a strong and faithful missionary to the Yao people of Malawi. We did some field visits in the pouring rain, walking over treacherously slippery mud. The field visit was accompanied by the music of much laughter from the Christian Yao people with us. With Pieter’s skilful driving we avoided becoming stuck in the mud, but it was a close thing especially when passing vehicles on those narrow roads and unforgiving mud on either side! There were wonderful testimonies of God’s faithfulness in blessing the faithful in their fields.

We also gained a new respect for rice farmers! Rice farming is back breaking work.

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2 Responses to Visiting Pieter Loots in Mangochi

  1. Wilhelm says:

    I just praise God for faithfull men like Pieter! Laying down their own lives and serving with the love of Jesus into communities, and really making a difference in peoples lives, on earth but also eternally…Pieter what a priviledge to know you, keep goiing as you run the race to the end my dear brother.

  2. Rev Dr Willie Zeze says:

    The website carries import information of people’s social, economical and spiritual life. It will be good if more people can learn practical methods of farming so that they have a test of how God wants us to grow crops and keep animals as stewards. Please keep it up.

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