Training at Nkhoma

Wonderful training time with Hennie Smit at Nkhoma. Wilhelm and Carl did the gospel preaching and theory training and then Hennie did the in-field training. Many gave the lives to Christ, and Hennie’s field of mielies was a wonder!


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3 Responses to Training at Nkhoma

  1. Pierre Malherbe says:

    What a wonderful blessing to see how God uses His children in the lives of other people by teaching them to work the ground, plants and seed He has given us. With this He is changing all our lives through His grace and love. Praise GOD for the true LIFE SEED.

  2. Renier says:

    FGW has been revealed by our loving Father to his children in Africa for Africa to fulfill her purpose of being the breadbasket of the world. All praise and glory to Him and I remind our Father of you, His faithful stewards of this revelation…

  3. Pieter Duvenage says:

    God is indeed a God of mercy, a God of wonders! Thanks also to faithful servants serving in His Kingdom, bringing truth to all people – importantly, also to the poor. The truth must be brought in all areas, and God’s discipline bears fruit in our lives, and in our fields. May God bless you and use people like you (us) to inspire others towards a lifestyle honouring our Greator, and helping others to do likewise.

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