Farming God’s Way Success Story in South Sudan – Yei River County

[Ed: as written by Mr Erezenios, or see attached original document]

This is a true story from the writer Mr. Hakim Erezenios. K. I live in a village called hai City in Yei River County, Central Equatoria State – South Sudan.

I am privileged to share my experiences and results of the work with you friends working in the sector of Agriculture domain. It is more of pictures captured during various phases of events. To me, Farming Gods’ Way is a definite solution that has been hidden from mankind for centauries as we struggle to address the recurring crop failure within farming households.

Dear comrades, as pictures speak thousand wards, I do hope that you are most likely to pick the real impression of Farming Gods’ way in Yei- South Sudan as you look through these pictures.

If we use the result of this demonstration plot to compute results in terms of feddan/hectare, we will have the following results:
1. Results based on a feddan

    Area of one feddan = 70m x 60m = 4200m2
    Size of the demonstration plot = 6m x 6m = 36m2
    :. 4200m/36m = 116.7plot/feddan
    But yield per a demonstration plot = 26.5kg
    :. 26.5kg X 116.7 (number of plots in a feddan) = 3092.55kg/feddan
    Number of 50kg bags per feddan = 3092.55/50kg = 61.85bags/feddan

2. Results based on hectare

    Area of a hectare = 100m x 100m = 10,000m2
    Area of demonstration plot = 6m x 6m = 36m2
    Number of plots in one hectare = Area of a hectare/Area of a demonstration plot = 10,000m2 /36m2 = 277.8plots
    Yield per plot = 26.5kg
    Therefore, yield per hectare = 26.5kg x 277.8plots = 7361.7kg/ha
    Number of 50kg bags per hectare = 7361.7kg/50kg = 147.2bgs/ha

Dear friends, I tell you that the universal remote control for breaking the York [ed: yolk] of poverty amongst the rural communities is called “FARMING GODS’ WAY”. The truth is that the beginning seems to be hard and that holds truth with all forms of work in the planet. I can see that through faith and commitment, we can turn the world around so as to realize our dream.
The only problem with our remote control is lack of “battery”, “this is a joke”, what I really mean is lack of knowledge by the farmers about this universal remote control.

I urge all who may real this reality in life to mobilize all the necessary resources to make sure that knowledge about this universal remote control is made accessible to all farmers. Let us Farming Gods’ Way along side our millions of dollars used in the agriculture domain that seem fruitless over centuries. By doing so I know God will bless us and our work too, to yield abundantly.

The benefits of Farming gods’ Way is not limited to yield increase alone but also soil macro and micro biology improvement, reduce expense in terms of fertilizer application and reduced soil erosion among others.
My recommendation is that all who have heard about Farming Gods’ Way must use all forms of efforts within a reach to expand the extension of Farming Gods’ Way around the world.

Below are some pictures that you will use to justify the claimed success:

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One Response to Farming God’s Way Success Story in South Sudan – Yei River County

  1. Neil & Marian Caetano says:

    Wilhelm, we are overwhelmed with what God is doing in southern Sudan.
    This Transformation success story is glorious and very encouraging.
    May the LORD continue to use you even more powerfully in Africa and command His angels over you & your wife to keep you and your harvest from all harm.

    Love in Christ Jesus

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