Farming God’s Way Intervention in South Sudan – Yei River County

[Ed: 2013 update as written by Mr Hakim Erezenios below, or see attached original document]

Dear colleagues, I am sharing with you the historic events in the ignition stage (starting point) of Farming God’s Way in South Sudan, Yei in particular. It’s truly unknown intervention to majority of the farming communities in Southern Sudan in the face of its numerous benefits.

Farming God’s Way is beyond doubt a tool that is sufficient to loosen and break the [Yolk] of poverty that has been burdening mankind in developing countries (South Sudan) for centuries. However, FGW commands faith from those practicing including the facilitators.

Friends, here are some benefits that I discovered when practicing FGW on my demonstration plot:

  1. There is early maturity of crop, especially maize. This crucial benefit results in reduction of lean period (hunger gap) that normally is at peak in June. The context in Southern Sudan is that first harvest is realized in July whereas the last harvest happens in December. Therefore, the farmer has seven months before receiving more food from his garden. But the yields normally take the households between 4 to 5 months. This means the household is food insecure for one full month. FGW helps farmers to have harvest in May – June, which helps in bridging the hunger gap.
  2. Dramatic pollination and full development of seeds in the cob. As maize plants grow faster and vigorous, they tend to flower in the right time when natural vegetation has nearly finished flowering. By this time most insects including bees are starving of food in terms of pollen grains and nectar. Therefore, most insects are attracted to visit the flowering maize crops and in the process, pollination becomes eminent.

Friends in Christ Jesus, let us help the poor to live happily on the planet earth by teaching them faithfully in the journey of deliverance from the [Yolk] of poverty. Remember not to forget emphasis on adding back life to the soil.

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