Namibian trip feedback

Notes of feedback received verbally from Wilhelm this morning about the Namibian trip from which he returned on Saturday.

It was a God-appointed training time with the church in Walvis Bay. They are a kingdom focussed church, good people. Three guys who got saved in the church, and have been discipled there, are returning to their homeland in Divundu to take the gospel to their family and community. They are now equipped with Farming God’s Way training.  The the Walvis Bay church is supporting them by doing the training with them.  They left yesterday (Monday the 19th) with a team from the church for Divundu.

Please pray for Johannes & Paulus (the guys returning to Divundu), also pray for the church that they would continue their good work.  Pray that this week of training and witnessing would be blessed.

Wilhelm then left for Okanghwati to do training among the Herero people. He stayed with Philip and Uatja (pronounced “watcha”). Wonderful godly, prayerful people. The training went very well, and a few younger men took the lead learning quickly and helping the others — we always pray for “Joshuas” who can be trained to train. There are many difficulties in the community, the nearest drinking water is 17km away! Philip is also often away as he does tour driving to make a living.

Please pray for Uatja and Philip, pray for their accommodation as they have been given notice by their landlord yesterday that they need to move out in November. Pray for the kids ministry, and for God to provide for their vision for a community centre. Pray for the FGW training to bear fruit — we want God to heal the Herero’s land in response to their turning to him in repentance and in faithfulness to his commands to steward the land.

Wilhelm then left Okanghwati and drove home without brakes (the brakes failed ~100km before getting Okanghwati), using only the gears he made it home safe and sound.  Praise God for his favour!

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