Abundant Life Seed
A non-profit organisation in association with Farming God’s Way
62 Van Niekerk Street, Bellville, 7530 RSA
Tel +27(0)83 258 7878 Fax +27(0)21 948 5451
Registration number: 075-988-NPO

Out of hearts that love Africa and its people, and with a heartfelt compassion for the poor, we promote and teach SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE farming as a lifestyle to the rural poor in South Africa and the rest of Africa. We have seen that the outpouring of humanitarian aid and handouts does NOT make any difference in Africa, instead, it rather keeps people in a state of DEPENDENCY on the outside world. One African farmer puts it this way “Africa needs trade not aid”, another says “Africa is not poor! From our feet downwards we are rich!” When teaching people, we teach them to use that which God has already given in their hand, we meet them at the level they are on, remembering that we are working with the poorest of the poor.

We have seen and it is our experience, that where these poor people start farming from a position of a changed heart and attitude and at the same time, apply the basic farming methods and managerial principles we teach, that yields on maize, normally increase from the sub Sahara, average of between 50kg-350kg per hectare up to between 2-4 tons per hectare in the first year and even up to 7-9 tons per hectare in the third year.

We also believe that this tool of Farming God’s Way, which God has given into our hands should be shared without cost to them, as God has given it to us for free. We promote, teach and engage with the people on a strong relational base, firstly with and into the community as a whole, and then we identify those leaders in the community who buys in and in the end we come alongside them to disciple and mentor them as they engage and take up the responsibility of teaching and mentoring their own people. This means a five to seven year involvement into every individual area and a lot of travelling to rural Africa.

Although we go about at the lowest and most cost effective ways possible, to bring about this change in the lives of the rural poor, and to be able to extend into these communities, is costly in terms of finances.


  1. NAME
    1. The name of the Voluntary Association (VA) is: Abundant Life Seed
    2. The VA is intended to be a Non Profit Organization as defined in terms of the Non Profit Organizations Act, 1997.
    Roughly three quarters of the people in Africa (approximately 700 million people), are subsistence farmers, and are dependant on the produce from their piece of land to feed and clothe themselves and their families.
    Despite the fact that Africa has sufficient natural resources, many of the people in Africa suffer from malnutrition and poverty.
    Within the evangelical church environment in South-Africa (and indeed globally), a continuously growing need exists for a neutral group of Christians that are not exclusively affiliated or biased towards any church denomination when teaching people the basic Biblical principles in terms of profitable and sustainable agriculture as a lifestyle.
    After seeing and experiencing the difference in people’s lives in South-Africa and the rest of the continent when sharing our knowledge and experience with them, it became a matter of urgency to teach all those people that can benefit from our knowledge and experience, we have gained through the years, and especially in view of the current food shortage in Africa and the rest of the world. From this also arose the need to network with the different organizations and individuals, who share in the vision of helping and uplifting the poorest of the poor by simply using whatever natural resources, they already have at their disposal.
    It is the sole intention of this VA, Abundant Life Seed, to effectively address these needs through the different products and training it offers and in order to help the poor to become self sufficient, self-sustaining and self-supporting.
    1. The main objectives of the VA are firstly to: link, connect, bring together, enhance coach and mobilize the body of Christ for the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, especially, in abandoned and rural places amongst the poorest of the poor, places where this Gospel has never been heard using the principles and teachings of “Farming God’s Way.”
    2. Secondly the objectives of the VA is to encourage and equip individuals, businesses, churches and organizations to become more involved in their own communities and to create a positive environment thus helping to enhance social entrepreneurship and especially self sustainable projects for effective community development, currently our main focus will be the following:
      1. Training people how to effectively and efficiently use their land and other natural resources.
      2. Training people in manufacturing high quality compost at low cost and
      3. Establishing co-operation amongst farmers to startup, open pollinated seed banks within their areas.
        In doing the above diligently, these farmers will be able to enhance both sustainability as well as profitability, and eventually the current yoke of poverty and dependence hanging over Africa, will be broken.
    3. The VA intends to fulfill these objectives by: Facilitating courses, seminars and practical training for those individuals in need thereof, at local churches, Kingdom premises and mission-organizations. These equipping events will be focused solely on the above- mentioned objectives, by using “Farming God’s Way” training. For more information see (www.farming-Gods-way.org)
      Furthermore we intend to be coaching individuals, kingdom businesses, local churches and mission-organizations in their journey, to focus with us, on the objectives as mentioned by using various communication tools, and relevant training sessions.

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    How can i be part of this; for this is exactly what God wants me today.



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